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Insurance Value Management offers groups and individuals affordable insurance solutions with a commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

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Clients Say

"John took the time to explain all the policies out there and helped make all the paperwork easy to fill out. It certainly helps to know that John really cares about his clients, treating each person as a unique individual. John is an asset to the health care profession!"

Alice Seaton

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Health Care Reform

Got questions about the health care reform? Here are resources for you to understand the new laws and how they can benefit you.

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Affordable Health
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After having problems with the agent of our previous health care policy, John has been a breath of fresh air, always able to answer my questions.  I felt that I got misinformation from my former agent, and John made everything quite clear so we can make decisions regarding which policy to buy with confidence.
 Thanks for your excellent service.
Laura Cron, Macdonald’s Rugs & Carpets


John Daly is a wonderful insurance agent who is in my corner when it comes to health insurance. He has gone out of his way to make sure I have the correct type of insurance for my healthcare needs. Quite frankly I am astonished at how helpful he has been. I tell everyone I know who needs health insurance about Neighborhood Healthcare and then I give them John Daly’s phone number.
Pamela Roehm
My company has been guided by John Daly for the past 2 years in choosing the right health insurance.
He has considered the financial aspect along with the provision of service each health insurance company has to offer when making a recommendation.
John has reviewed our coverage and cost on a regular basis and has contacted me when he finds a policy which might better suit our needs.
I am relieved of the responsibility and worry of ensuring that Pet Recess is getting the best value possible. It is a huge comfort in such a complicated field of expertise.
I highly recommend John Daly as an agent for HSA.
Julia Dixon, Pet Recess