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Clients Say

"John took the time to explain all the policies out there and helped make all the paperwork easy to fill out. It certainly helps to know that John really cares about his clients, treating each person as a unique individual. John is an asset to the health care profession!"

Alice Seaton

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Health Care Reform

Got questions about the health care reform? Here are resources for you to understand the new laws and how they can benefit you.

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Health Reform

We are certified brokers of the Affordable Care Act!

In 2012, lawmakers passed Health Care Reform legislation which resulted in sweeping changes in health insurance regulations.  The major focus of these regulations centered around the “individual mandate” as well as “federal subsidies”.

The Individual mandate requires individuals who can afford health insurance to enroll in a health plan with “Essential Benefits”  or face financial penalty.

Health Care Reform also includes Employer obligations, such as providing a “Fair Share Contribution” to their employees’ health plan; and certain “Non-Discrimination Rules”.  Employers found non-compliant will face surcharges.

I.V.M. helps clients understand all of their options before making a decision, what to expect and how to stretch healthcare dollars in your favor.  It really adds up!

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