Health Insurance for Small Businesses, Families and Individuals

Insurance Value Management offers groups and individuals affordable insurance solutions with a commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

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Clients Say

"John took the time to explain all the policies out there and helped make all the paperwork easy to fill out. It certainly helps to know that John really cares about his clients, treating each person as a unique individual. John is an asset to the health care profession!"

Alice Seaton

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Health Care Reform

Got questions about the health care reform? Here are resources for you to understand the new laws and how they can benefit you.

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Affordable Health
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About IVM

The V Means Value

Insurance Value Management is an independent insurance brokerage that delivers insurance solutions to small businesses, individuals, families and seniors. 

IVM goes the extra mile to make Health Insurance more palatable to the individual and small business.

IVM is aligned with the Affordable Care Act.  It’s important to understand how insurance plans compare in terms of cost and coverage.  IVM quotes with only well established carriers including the health insurance marketplace.

The rates and benefits are the same no matter where you buy from… it’s in the service, knowledge  and strategic process where IVM works for you.

John DalyJohn Daly has been in business since 1995.

John Daly has a deep understanding of the shifting insurance landscape.  He is up-to-date on the latest changes and regulations and how they impact you or your business.

It’s easy to understand.    John will ask you for your age, zip code and industry to determine which carrier and/or plans to look at.   He will then analyze your situation more in depth before recommending the best plan for your specific needs and budget.

The goal is for us to work together to select an insurance program that you are completely comfortable with and moving forward to implement it when you are ready. IVM works to give each applicant priority processing in order to establish coverage by the desired effective date.


If you are shopping for immediate coverage or want to look at cost-saving insurance  options for the next renewal, please email or call IVM at 781-202-4142.